Are you Facing Exam Stress? Know how to handle it

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Are you Facing Exam Stress? Know how to handle it

While you are preparing for your exams, do you feel any trouble in studying? This may be due to stress. There are different exacerbations of exam stress in students. Some may be plug all-nighters, some may ignore to eat, and some may restrict their social life and so on. Having stress is a common thing when students are preparing for highly competitive entrance exams. The Vikaas PU College powered by the Allen career institute is providing best NEET and IIT JEE coaching in Mangalore.

What is Exam Stress faced by Students?

It is natural to become anxious in case of attending for competitive exams, papers or presentations. It is actually a state of tension and anxiety which is caused by test taking situations. Having a small level of stress for exams will motivate you to push extra. Exam stress will be a problem when it is impairing one’s capacity to perform well, especially in case of educational and learning outcomes. Knowing about this stress and dealing it wisely is important for your better performance.

Signs and symptoms of Exam Stress

When you are tensed, you may show symptoms like increased heartbeat, tense muscles, stiffness of neck, excessive sweating, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth and throat and mostly difficulty in sleeping. Behavioral symptoms like distractions, nail-biting, eating junk food, etc. may be present. Students may also face mental symptoms like absent mindedness, uncontrollable fear, dread or helplessness. Vikaas PU College is the best Pre-university College in Mangalore with best faculties and infrastructure.

Things that you must be Concerned of

While you are preparing for exam, especially the highly competitive exams you must focus on your daily life and other activities. You have to get enough sleep of at least 8 hours. Everybody must keep their bodies away from malnutrition by taking adequate nutritional foods. Students can try taking stimulants like caffeine, energy drinks to boost their energy levels. When you are with inadequate exercise, you will feel weak and not interested in studies. You must focus on making use of available time wisely. Moreover, you must find some time to meditate and pray. This will help your mind to keep relaxed.

Seek Assistance to Manage Stress

If you are continuously failing to manage your stress on your own, you have to seek assistance from outside. If nothing seems to be working, you must seek for professional assistance. You can discuss your feelings with your parents, older siblings or to your teachers. Vikaas PU College is best in giving personal assistance for each student to improve their studies. With all excellent facilities, Vikaas is the best residential PU College in Mangalore.




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