Common and Simple Mistakes that you may make in Exams

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Common and Simple Mistakes that you may make in Exams


Are you dreaming of a high score in exams? Do you find it difficult to achieve your dreams? Then you may find yourself in a position to work hard to attain a good result.Even though you had prepared well, at times you will make silly mistakes. Thus it is important to prevent these foolish errors. Most of the time what happens is you know several things, but you are not able to put it in paper. This may be due to several reasons. The Vikaas PU College is the best NEET coaching centre in Mangalore giving best assistance to students.

Thus you might switch to a best version of yourself before the exam arrives. You must get at least eight hours of sleep every night and drink at least two liters of water per day. Here we can see few ideas that will prevent you from this stressful situation.

Avoid Incorrect Beliefs

The first and foremost thing that you must avoid is preconceived beliefs or any kind of incorrect conceptualizations when encountering a question. This usually occurs when you had answered a similar question before and you know the solution. You must go through the question carefully answering before you answer. Examiners might have modified the questions and you will answer it wrong if you had not gone through it properly. The Vikaas PU College is the best residential PU College in Mangalore to offer best guidance for NEET and JEE aspiring students.

Reading Questions Carefully

It is advised to read a question twice. First, you must determine the purpose of the question and then respond to it or start solving. Don’t see the diagrams or illustrations before you read the questions, even if it looks familiar. Most of the foolish errors that occur especially in JEE examare due to this problem.

Beware of the Arithmetic Errors

You must be able to avoid making stupid arithmetic errors while you are attempting to solve the question. It will not only provide incorrect solution, but will also waste your time on chasing it. To avoid this error, it is advised to do double checking of all your answers. The Vikaas PU College along with the Allen career institute is providing best coaching for pre-university students to attempt the NEET / IIT-JEE exams better. This had made the Vikaas PU College as the best IIT-JEE coaching centre in Mangalore.

Examine Your Mistakes

You must attend mock tests and analyze yourself. This will help you in finding your mistakes. From the mock tests, find your mistakes, note them and try not to repeat them.


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