1. The parents will write to the Principal, at the time of hostel admission, the names of relatives who can visit the hostel student and vice-versa. The relationship of such persons should be specifically mentioned. The Hostel warden will have the sole right to allow any visitor/student. Parents must provide the full address of the relatives whom the hosteller can visit during short holidays.

2. No student of the hostel should be absent from the hostel without the written permission of the Warden/ Superintendent. Students wishing to visit friends/relatives allowed by the parents even on holidays, shall obtain the written permission of the warden. If this rule is not observed by the hosteller, the consequences and responsibility are entirely that of the parents and the student.

3. Students wishing to remain absent from the hostel after 09pm except on duty shall obtain permission from the warden, shall sign a register kept by the warden and state where they will be going and when they shall be returning.

4. Male visitors shall not be allowed in any girl student’s room.

5. All lights and fans must be switched off when leaving the room. Otherwise fine as recommended by the Hostel Warden, will be charged each time. No electric stoves, room heaters or electrical appliances of heavy electric consumption will be allowed.


A) Counseling and mentorship
To improve the students’ overall performance and wel- being and also to minimize incidences of dropouts.

B) Anti Ragging:
Ragging is strictly prohibited and banned in the campus. The Anti Ragging Committee is in place in accordance with the UGC guidelines which ensures that no untoward incidents occur. The UGC regulations for curbing the menace of ragging are applicable to all students and parents.

C) Alumni:
The Alumni Association for Vikaas College of Physiotherapy meest on a periodic basis.

D) Placement Cell:
This cell facilitates the placements of students in various Govt / Private / Corporate sectors.

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