How to Ace the JEE Main Entrance Examination?

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How to Ace the JEE Main Entrance Examination?

With the board exams getting over, students will go for the next important step. This is taking various entrance examinations. JEE is one of the most sought after exams for the 12th standard students after their board exams. The JEE Main exams are taken by lakhs of students. The cutoff has seen a declining trend in the last couple of years. The number of students eligible for taking JEE Advanced had increased to more than one 2 lakhs in the recent years. The difficulty level of the JEE exams jas been increased than before. The Vikaas PU College along with the Allen career institute is providing best JEE coaching in Mangalore.

Tips and Test Taking Strategies for JEE exams

It will be helpful for the test takers to know those best possible ways to clear the exams. Here are some tips for your IIT – JEE preparations. Since the paper is based on both 11th and 12th standard syllabus, students must give equal emphasis on both the standards. With the students board exams being concluded prior to the JEE exams, the students can look at solving application oriented problems of 12th standard. Then look at the 11th standard topics subsequently. The Vikaas PU College is the leading Pre-university College in Mangalore to give good guidance in 11th and 12th syllabus. This could definitely help you to get through your JEE exams.

Board Exams and Entrance Exams – Changes you must take

Students should shift the mindset from the board exam perspective to the entrance exam perspective. For entrance exams, students are going to face multiple choice questions and negative marks are given for incorrect answers. Most often students attempt a larger number of questions and due to the negative marking scheme they will get lesser marks for incorrect answers. One should have a clear goal on how much questions they need to attempt. Proper preparation and improving your performance as well as a well-directed mind will always result in better performance.

Approximation saves a lot of time in these exams. Time management is very critical in case of entrance examinations as difference in even one mark can make differences. It may cost you a seat or a bench. Here you need not attempt the questions in the same sequence as given in the question paper. You have to read the questions and look at the answer choices because one may get some ideas by looking at these choices. The Vikaas PU College coaching powered by the Allen career institute is the best JEE coaching centre in Mangalore.

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