National Science Olympiad 2021-22 Result

National Science Olympiad


National Science Olympiad 2021-22 Result


We are proud to say about our students achievements in NSO. NSO or National Science Olympiad is a competitive exam which is conducted every year by the Science Olympiad Foundation for the school students. With this exam students can judge their academic progress by giving them chances to compete with students all around the country. The students who participate in the Olympiad will be ranked according to the marks they obtain. The participating students also receive a Student Performance Report (SPR) and with this they get a detailed performance comparison. In the 2021-22 results of the National Science Olympiad students of Allen career institute had performed well.

This foundation actually aims at promoting scientific temperament among students. With this the academic development of students are made through various competitions and Olympiads. Few other major exams of this kind include National Cyber Olympiad, International Mathematics Olympiad, International English Olympiad, International Company Secretaries Olympiad and International General Knowledge Olympiad.

Allen Bagged Excellent Results in NSO 2021-22

The pre-nurture and career foundation division of the Allen career institute delivers excellent result in NSO. The excellent coaching and guidance programs of Allen had really helped many students to attain good scores in NSO and other competitive exam. Allen career institute is among the best institutes to NEET and JEE coaching. With innovative activities involving students from all across the country, Allen career institute have been striving to promote scientific attitude. Being consistent in preparation and facing the exams with confidence had helped them to gain best results National Science Olympiad.

In this year’s National Science Olympiad result Sreenidhi N of class 9th scored well and gained Rank 3. Also G S Prajit of class 9th scored well and is ranked 7.

Heartfelt Congratulations winners for such a brilliant performance!!! You did it with your willpower and dedication. May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements.



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