Proven Tips to Sharpen your Memory

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Proven Tips to Sharpen your Memory

Each time when exams approach we will think of having some tips to sharpen our memories. This often happens as we are forgetting something we had learned or may not be able learn quickly. For each student, half the battle is won when memorizing becomes easy. Vikaas PU College is the best residential PU College in Karnataka to deliver best classes for both board exams and entrance examinations. Here are few tips to sharpen your memory. You can try to gain from these useful tips while you still find some time to improve your preparation.

Stay Active

You must make sure that your brain is active. If you study while you are drowsy or sleepy, you will not be able to memorize anything. So you must keep your body and mind active while you are learning.

Use Associations

It will be easier for our brain to recall things that have an association to something familiar. Thus, while we are learning something complicated, we must associate it to something familiar. This will help you easy to recall the topic.


It is easier for the brain to memorize the things it sees than any other things. Thus while studying try to visualize everything in steps. This will definitely help you to memorize and recall the topics later. Vikaas PU College, the best NEET coaching institute in Mangalore is giving best classes with the help of visual concepts. This is helping students to memorize it better.


This is actually a longer process than the normal ones. Here you have to try hard and just focus on remembering something. The things that you will memorize are always stored in your brain. You may have a tough time on remembering something. Whenever stuck in such situations, you must try to tune everything out and just focus on remembering the topic.

Try Using Mnemonics

Most of us might have tried using mnemonics to learn something. You can create an easy phrase that can be easily remembered while writing the exam and you can derive the correct answer out of it.

Speak it aloud

While learning something, speak them out so that your brain can register it more clearly. Reading in our thoughts can get monotonous and the brain may stop focusing completely.


Try to spend more time and focus energy of important topics. When there is only little time left, you must give your attention to extremely important topics. At Vikaas PU College, students are motivated to improve their confidence and perform in exams better. The Vikaas PU College along with the Allen career institute is the best IIT JEE coaching centre in Mangalore.

Feed your Brain

Your mom is right, when she feed you almonds to sharpen your brain. There are certain types of foods that our brain will require to work more efficiently. Try adding these things in your diet. Above all, you must have the belief that you can do it! You must keep yourself motivated and learn everything properly.

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