Stay Productive During Study Breaks

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Stay Productive During Study Breaks


We may be studying for long hours especially when the exams are approaching. It is necessary to take some short breaks in between the studies. There are people who study for long continuous hours, especially the day before exam. This may make us feel exhausted and the productivity will be less. At Vikaas PU College several tips and tricks to learn and present in exam better are given. This will truly guide you to perform well in the exams. Thus Vikaas PU College has become popular as the best pre-university College in Mangalore.

Whether it is board exams or competitive exams, you need to practice some tricks while preparing for the exams. A gap which is given between the study periods or between the periods of courses is usually called a study break. Our brain gets the much needed rest and it stimulates the parts associated with the idle mode. Here we can see few ideas that will help you to keep your study breaks productive:

Frequent Short Breaks

You can take frequent short breaks while you are studying. This break can be used to track the schedule and also to check how much portion is completed. This can give you the satisfaction of timely completion of the topics. Moreover, this time can also be used to alert the mind regarding remaining part of the study.

Physical Exercise

If you take 10-15 minutes in between your study, it is advised to spend it on exercising. Physical exercises improve blood circulation and thus it will reduce your anxiety. Reducing anxiety and stress is very important for exam preparation and for attending exams. But you must keep them light, to catch the breadth back after exercising.

Power Nap

If your study nap is 15-20 minutes, a power nap is a great idea to improve alertness, productivity and motor skills. You must not increase the duration of the power nap to more than 30 minutes of time. Taking more time to nap may end up in waking you dazed.


Meditation is actually an exercising for mind. This will help your mind in lowering anxiety, reducing stress and also in increasing self-confidence. If you are willing to get a high score in the exams, meditations will definitely help you.

Mind Refreshments

You can practice some mind refreshing ideas. Having a shower, a healthy snack, or a cup of tea or coffee will refresh your mind and body. This will definitely help you in improving your productivity in exams. The Vikaas PU College powered by the Allen career institute is the best NEET coaching centre in Mangalore to provide best coaching as well as motivation to students.



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