Take Adequate Mock Tests or Practice Previous Year Questions

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Take Adequate Mock Tests or Practice Previous Year Questions


From the experience of many NEET and JEE toppers, it is evident that taking mock tests are very much important. From these toppers you will understand that each one of them had solved many previous year question papers. As you know, practice makes a man perfect; the same is in the case of competitive exams. Most of the toppers will spend around 60 – 70% of time practicing questions. The more questions you solve, higher the chance for you to score higher. At the Vikaas PU College students are given special attention in scoring higher in NEET and JEE exams. Thus Vikaas PU College is one of the leading NEET coaching centre in Mangalor

The Need for Practice Tests

Do you wonder about the need for practice tests or mock tests? Here we are discussing about why is it important. Let us explain with simple example. When you are a student you won’t directly appear for board exams. First you will be appearing for monthly tests, first term, midterm, pre-boards and then the board exams. Now imagine if you studies for 1 year and is suddenly appearing for board exams. Things like the pattern, type of questions, completing the exam in a given time and everything else related to the exam will be challenging.

If you took many exams before attending the board exams, you will be prepared for it. Reading is equal to the passive learning and solving problems are equal to the active learning. Active learning will eventually lead to increased recall power. With this the students will be able to recall things very quickly. At the Vikaas PU College the competitive exam preparation is powered by Allen Career Institute and sufficient test practices are given. Thus became a best PU Colleges in Mangalore.

Taking NEET or JEE mock tests is an effective way to prepare for these exams. At Vikaas PU College, the NEET mock tests and JEE mock tests are designed to get you familiar with the exam pattern. To boost your NEET or JEE preparation you can download previous year question papers from the Google. Then practice them along with going through your less known topics. This can help you in several ways and will definitely help in improving your confidence. Attending more mock tests will help you to score high in NEET or JEE exams. Giving best coaching classes had made Vikaas PU College as the best JEE coaching Centre in Mangalore.

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