Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes in Exams

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Tips to Avoid Silly Mistakes in Exams


Even though we have prepared well for the exams, sometimes you may lose marks due to the silly mistakes you do. There are chances to get silly errors and it is vital to prevent those silly mistakes. Thus when the exam arrives, you must tap into your best. It will be good if you get 8 hours of sleep every night and drink 2 liters of water per day. Here are some guidelines that will help you prevent those mistakes students often make when stressed in the exam situation. The Vikaas PU college is the best NEET coaching centre in Mangalore to help you get through the NEET.

Get Rid of Stress

Make you mind feel free and relaxed. A stressed mind may not be able to think or observe properly. You must confident enough to face the exams without stress. This will definitely help in improving your performance in your exams. You should maintain your peace of mind when you are preparing for exams and attending them.

Avoid Preconceived Beliefs

When we are reading a question, it is better to avoid preconceived concepts. You may get these kinds of concepts from what you have answered previously or you may have come across this issue and may know the solution. Instead of getting incorrect conceptualization, carefully read the questions and its options before responding. The Vikaas PU College is the best pre-university college in Mangalore to train the students with confidence.

Avoid Making Minor Arithmetic Errors

Sometimes you may come across stupid calculation errors while you are attempting to solve the questions. It will not only provide incorrect solution, but will also waste your time chasing it. Always consider doing a double check on your calculations.

Examine your Mock Tests for Mistakes

You have to analyze your mock tests to identify your mistakes, note them down and ensure that you are not repeating these mistakes again. While preparing for the exams you must understand the mistakes you had done in the mock tests and make it clear so that you won’t repeat it.

Know the Directions of the Online Exam

In the online exams, there will be responses like ‘Marked for Review’ and ‘Save and Next’. You must learn to give responses according to your need. The Vikaas PU college powered by the Allen Career institute is giving best JEE coaching in Mangalore with proper guidance.

If you are facing concentration problems in giving attention during the three hour exam, you must consider some calming techniques like yoga or meditation. This actually works for a number of students.



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