Tips to Boost your Brain Power During IIT – JEE/NEET Preparation

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Tips to Boost your Brain Power During IIT – JEE/NEET Preparation

While you are preparing for IIT JEE/ NEET, you need to focus on your studies along with making your mind awake to serve the purpose. Vikaas PU College is here to help you with certain tips that can sharpen your memory and avoid memory overload. By giving excellent coaching classes and following best strategies, Vikaas PU College is the best PU College in Mangalore. When memorizing is made easy, half the battle is won. With these useful tips, you must gain for your IIT-JEE or NEET preparation.

Stay Active

You must make sure that your brain is active. If you are studying when drowsy or sleepy, you would not be able to memorize anything. It is necessary to make sure that your body is active so that your mind will remain sharp.


This is actually a longer process when comparing to the normal ones. Here you have to learn how to tune the entire world out and just try to focus on something. Those things that you are trying to memorize are always stored in the brain. If you find that, you have a tough time in remembering something, you must understand that you cannot focus a 100%.  Whenever you are stuck, especially during the exams, just try to tune everything out and must focus on remembering the topic. By providing best tips and study atmosphere, Vikaas PU College is the best NEET coaching centre in Mangalore.


You must prioritize while learning. It is important to spend more time and focused energy on relevant topics. When there is only little time left, you should give your undivided to extremely important topics alone. This will make your brain easier for recalling.


We know it is easier for brain to memorize the things that we see. While studying, we must try to visualize everything in steps. This will help you to memorize topics and in recalling them later when needed.

Believe you can Do It

Believing that you can learn topics and recall them is actually a trick to ace exams. If you keep demotivating and discouraging yourself then your brain will get distracted. If you do so, you will not be able to learn anything properly.

Feed your Brain

There are certain kinds of foods that our brain needs to work more efficiently. You must try to incorporate these kinds of foods in our diet.

Stay Hydrated

Water is an extremely important part in proper processing of our memory. Getting dehydrated will make you to lose focus and decreases the efficiency of the brain. This will make it difficult to understand topics.

Getting best assistance in your NEET or JEE preparation is important. Your career and future matters a lot to you and your family. It is always better to have a good mentor to lead you perfectly through the path. Vikaas PU College along with the Allen career institute is providing best IIT – JEE coaching in Mangalore.

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